Attendance Tracker: The Best In Tracking Attendance For Higher Education

Cutting-edge student online attendance tracking software to simplify time and attendance management for college and university teachers

The brightest choice in attendance tracking is Top Hat

  • Track attendance easily and securely
  • Automatic grading and reporting for attendance and participation
  • Poll students and ask questions
  • Capture student responses in real-time
  • Hold discussions (anonymous or not)
  • No new hardware needed
  • App available on iOS and Android, including iPad

An attendance tracker app that just works

Top Hat’s intuitive attendance system allows instructors to accurately verify whether a student is physically present in class. As an educator, you can easily track your class’s attendance by prompting students to sign in on their devices using a unique code, and auto-assign grades for attendance. Top Hat uses proprietary market-leading technology—a combination of GPS location and Bluetooth—to verify the physical location of students, ensuring that only those students attending get accurately counted. For full flexibility, there is extra functionality to approve absence (or excuse tardy students.) No more Excel, sign-in sheets, or ID cards to scan.

Save time by auto-grading for compliance

Our attendance tracker doesn’t just allow you to keep track of attendance, it can automatically assign grading, as well as for participation in interactive questions and homework. You can upload the results from each class directly into Top Hat. All responses and participation grades are captured instantly in the Top Hat app for students to access any time. Integration with your learning management software is smooth and you can export grades easily. And our educational apps also help you reduce your admin overhead—you can analyze results for comprehension, and identify concepts to review or reinforce in your next lecture.

And our educational apps also help you reduce your admin overhead—you can analyze auto-graded results to gauge comprehension and identify concepts to review or reinforce in your next lecture.

Eliminate the need for extra hardware

Unlike older education technology, Top Hat’s cloud based SaaS attendance tracker syncs directly with the devices students already own and use, such as tablets including iPads, phones and laptops. There’s no need for students to purchase additional hardware. Simply download our student response system and away you go.

Engage your students with Top Hat

It’s hard for teachers to lecture to a class full of students who aren’t paying attention. As instructors move to incorporate different strategies in their learning environments, the need for technology grows. Top Hat transforms any smartphone, laptop or tablet, enabling professors to teach in an engaging learning environment.

Streamline your lecture prep

Use Top Hat to populate your lecture slides with a range of interactive, multimedia question types designed to challenge every learner. Choose from basic (including multiple choice questions, word answer, quiz, numeric answer, fill-in-the-blank and more) or select from our advanced offerings (including video assignments, chemistry drawings, and more). All of our questions are auto-graded to save instructors time. You can also import free interactive questions from the Top Hat Marketplace, an easy-to-use resource that houses thousands of pieces of dynamic content. We offer industry-leading instructional design and curriculum design support, so educators are set up for success from day one.

When students are in your class, keep them with you

Interactive teaching comes together when you use Top Hat’s attendance tracker app. Instructors can sync their lecture slides with students’ devices so they can follow along in real-time. Students are unable to move ahead of the instructor, so their attention remains focused on what’s being presented. You can share student responses and correct answers to questions using visual graphs, word clouds and heat maps.

Facilitate polls and ask questions in-class

Gauge student comprehension and understanding on the fly. With Top Hat you can embed interactive polling questions between your slides to create seamless presentations aligned to your lecture plan. With multiple question and discussion types, such as click-on-target, word clouds, graphing questions for math and even video submissions, Top Hat can really let your creativity in lecture setting come to the fore.

Learning continues after class is over

The educational experience doesn’t just start and end with your lecture. Once your lecture is complete, you can assign slides in review mode, allowing students to download and study at any time. Plus, you can add activities like quizzes to offline assignments and coursework to keep the learning experience alive.

Who knew automated attendance tracking was so easy?

Our software is designed to save educators time with attendance taking—and keep students accountable. It’s also proven to increase engagement and participant interaction and collaboration in classrooms. We’re used by over 750 of the top 1000 colleges and universities across North America. See why Top Hat is one of the best apps for classroom management. Sign up for a personalized consultation today.

Engage your learners with Top Hat’s university classroom software

Our web-based learning platform is proven to increase student engagement and improve the learning experience in classrooms. We’re used by over 750 of the top 1000 colleges and universities across North America. See why everyone, from the educator to the administrator, trusts us.

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How do I track attendance?

When you begin your class or online lecture you have the option to take secure attendance, which is tracked using Top Hat’s proprietary software. You can opt to take secure attendance which checks to see whether a student is present in class using proximity detection. Regardless of how to wish to take attendance, students are sent a code that must be entered into the app to effectively track attendance. Learn more

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