As the cooler weather rolls and the fall semester is well underway, college students are settling into their courses, with tests and quizzes beginning and group projects on the way. Top Hat speaks to students about midterms, their favourite courses, and their goals for the upcoming semester.

What’s the best thing about college this year?

“I really enjoy what I’m learning about the human body and the way it functions. I like being able to learn about the intricacies of the different systems in the body and how they interact to keep human beings healthy.”—Hila, sophomore kinesiology student

“Being able to apply my learning to the real world. I spent the first few years of my degree learning about the foundations of engineering and my discipline more specifically. Now that I’m taking more advanced courses, I like playing an active role in my own learning and getting to be more hands-on by taking smaller classes with professors who are really dedicated to what they’re teaching.”—Ben, senior electrical engineering student

“I like how diverse the structure of my classes is. Most of my professors have turned away from just lecturing for two hours straight and focus more on collaborative discussions and group work. I also have the opportunity to pursue an internship that is both local and related to my degree. My professors have been really supportive in helping me balance these two responsibilities.”—Zack, junior business administration student

What’s your exam pet peeve?

“Unclear multiple-choice questions! They’re so frustrating! I know that exams are designed to test knowledge and critical thinking skills, but it can be really frustrating when exam questions are ambiguous or when there are multiple correct answers.”—Noa, senior political science student

“When it takes over a month to get exam or test grades back. I’m really trying to stay on top of my schoolwork this year so I can get better grades, but it’s hard when I don’t know which concepts I’ve mastered and which ones still need improvement.”—Ethan, junior history student

“When the professor loses the Scantrons!”—Marissa, senior psychology student

Q: Any goals for the upcoming school year?

“Get more efficient at studying. I want to study smarter, not study harder. I’m determined to find a way for me to get good grades without slaving over my studies.”—Ari, freshmen law student

“Actually go to all of my classes. It gets really easy to skip classes when it’s really cold outside, but I’m determined this year to go to all of them.”—Rachel, freshman nutrition and dietetics student

“Do at least 75 percent of my readings…. I’d like to say 100 percent but baby steps is the way to go with this one I think. —Rachel, junior biology and psychology student

Q: Favorite course so far?

“Musical theater. I took it on a whim but I’m really enjoying it. I like that it’s totally different from what I usually learn about in my mandatory classes for my major.”—Jordan, junior cultural studies student

“Introduction to anatomy. I’m really interested in the science of the human body and like being able to widen my educational horizons as much as possible.”—Grace, junior art history student

“I’m taking a classics course as an elective this semester and it’s so interesting. I love learning about the stories and narratives that have influenced Western culture so much.”—Asher, freshman medical student.

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