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How to Use Clickers in Your College Classroom

Clickers are designed to help professors do their best work: Spur group discussion with innovative questioning techniques. When used well, clickers—a.k.a. classroom response systems—get more students involved in class participation, instigate productive discussion, keep students engaged and reinvigorate teaching. In this free guide you’ll learn how to effectively choose and use clickers in the classroom and gain tactical insights from professors who have put them to work to improve student outcomes.

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About this guide

This guide discusses the pros and cons of clickers, how to choose a classroom response system that’s best for your course or institution and demonstrates, by example, how top educators use clickers to improve students’ learning.

What You Will Learn

Why clickers are an integral part of a robust active learning environment

What to consider when choosing a clicker system for your institution or classroom

How to formulate effective clicker questions guided by Bloom’s taxonomy

Real-life techniques for effectively using clickers to improve learning

Look inside!

“Clickers are really about creating a different classroom culture. They open all kind of new possibilities for learning.”

Stephanie Chasteen
Educational Consultant and Instructor at the University of Colorado Boulder

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