Assessments are essential in any course, to test all the work students have put in throughout the year or semester, both in and out of the classroom.

Professors can gauge how their students are doing by combining short, frequent quizzes, with longer and more thorough tests and exams. But building these assessments can eat into the limited time professors have for research, lesson planning and other interests. In fact, some estimates suggest that professors spend nearly half their time on non-teaching activities.

There are a number of tools that exist to help make the grading process easier for professors, but what about the often-arduous task of building those assessments in the first place? As the video above shows, the Top Hat platform lets professors build tests—with a myriad of pre-existing question banks available on the Top Hat Marketplace—in just minutes.

See for yourself: choose from question banks on an array of subjects, including economics, anatomy and physiology, American government, psychology and many more