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Statistics for Social Science

Student Cost $45

Statistics for Social Science

Lead Author: Steve Hayward

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Student Cost $4

In Conversation: John Dunn

Lead Author: Ideas Roadshow

Student Cost $4

In Conversation: Frans de Waal

Lead Author: Ideas Roadshow

Student Cost $45

Principles of Microeconomics

Lead Author: Stephen Buckles

Student Cost $4

In Conversation: Barbara Fredrickson

Lead Author: Ideas Roadshow

Student Cost $45

The Human Planet: Human Geography in the Anthropocene

Lead Author: Demian Hommel

Organic Chemistry book cover

Student Cost $65

Organic Chemistry I & II

Lead Author: Steven Forsey

Student Cost $70

Anatomy and Physiology in Context

Lead Author: John Redden and Joe Crivello

Student Cost $20

Feedback Control for Mechanical Systems

Lead Author: Nolan Tsuchiya

Student Cost FREE

Math Basics Video Module

Lead Author: Jay Moulton

Student Cost $60

The Physiology of Exercise

Lead Author: Rosie K. Lanphere

United States History 1

Student Cost $40

United States History I

Lead Author: Sara K. Eskridge

Cover of Explorando: Introduction to Spanish

Student Cost $50

Explorando: Introduction to Spanish

Lead Author: Tony Erben

Student Cost $25

Discovering Radiographic Technology

Lead Author: Tracy Freeman-Jones

Student Cost $4

In Conversation: Pat Churchland

Lead Author: Ideas Roadshow

Student Cost $4

In Conversation: David Bellos

Lead Author: Ideas Roadshow

Student Cost $4

In Conversation: Diana Deutsch

Lead Author: Ideas Roadshow