Along with the sage-on-stage style of lecturing, print textbooks have long been used by professors to teach in the higher ed environment. But these tools are increasingly ineffective for the modern classroom.

Textbooks alone do little to ensure students are comprehending course content, nor are they able to convey an understanding to professors about which concepts are challenging for their students. Moreover, very few textbooks offer a holistic learning experience: for professors to ensure students are learning before, during and after class, they may have to cobble together readings, e-learning modules and other in-class material, leading to a disjointed experience.

Traditional textbooks are rarely customizable, meaning that content becomes out of date as soon as these texts hit the bookstore and because many textbooks are written with a one-size-fits-all approach, this content might not even be relevant for professors in the first place, leaving students with expensive, bloated textbooks that hinder their learning.

How Top Hat Intro Courses can help
The best courses, and the best instructors, are the ones that convey content in an effective and engaging way. It is clear that today’s college students are different. Born in the digital technology age, members of Gen Z accept digital technology in every facet of their lives as commonplace. Top Hat was created so that professors could teach their students using different pedagogical lenses and tools, in order to convey content in a way that makes sense in the changing classroom.

With Top Hat Intro Courses, we’ve taken the paradigm a step further: these end-to-end teaching solutions provide professors with all the tools they need to create effective and engaging learning environments, from the first day of class to the last.

Top Hat Intro Courses include interactive textbooks, lecture slides, quizzes, assignments and more, all delivered on a single, intuitive platform. Each course is designed with active learning tools that help students learn before, during and after class. Pre-made resources help professors with class prep, while interactive readings alert them to concepts students are struggling with; student devices are used during class to take attendance, launch discussions and administer questions, improving engagement and participation levels; after class, pre-made chapter summaries and assignments allow homework content to be seamlessly integrated with in-class materials.

With Top Hat Intro Courses, textbooks are always kept up to date and can be customized to meet a professor’s needs, so that only relevant content exists alongside the frequently embedded assessments, rollover definitions and study guides that help students learn. What’s more, weekly student progress reports, with results from in-class and at-home assessments, offer professors insights on how well students are comprehending the material, providing context on which topics need further review.

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Top Hat Intro Course offerings
There are four subjects and six textbooks that comprise the Top Hat Intro Course offerings. Each of these end-to-end course solutions uses a variety of tools, content and approaches to ensure students reach learning objectives while providing actionable insights to professors.

Top Hat Intro Course For Psychology
Top Hat Intro Course For Psychology uses Introduction to Psychology by lead author Meaghan Altman to help students learn the science of human behaviour, leveraging interactive learning activities interspersed with course content. This helps students retain information and apply it in real life. With state-of-the-art visuals and interactive 3D design, students can better conceptualize complex anatomical models with rotating features. Introduction to Psychology features simulations of difficult course concepts, allowing students to experience the phenomenon that they are learning. With content that is consistently kept up to date, there is no need for new editions, and professors can easily add examples to customize the textbook for their students.

Top Hat Intro Course for Economics
Top Hat Intro Course for Economics provides three different textbook offerings: Principles of Macroeconomics and Principles of Microeconomics, as well as a full, blended Principles of Economics volume, all written by lead author Stephen Buckles. In order to teach students to think critically by practicing course concepts as they are introduced rather than memorize them. Top Hat’s Intro Course for Economics offers focused coverage on a selection of topics, rather than a shallow overview of everything economics has to offer, giving students a deeper understanding and the chance to apply their learning. Real-world examples and case studies equip students to more deeply analyze course concepts, arming them to discuss these concepts with their peers through collaborative learning activities.

top Hat Intro Course for Anatomy and Physiology
Top Hat Intro Course for Anatomy and Physiology offers a relatable approach for students in learning dense anatomical concepts and physiological processes. Written in a conversational and engaging style, Anatomy and Physiology in Context, co-authored by Joseph Crivello and John Redden, balances learning in both depth and breadth. Interactive and engaging 3D models bring medically accurate anatomy to life with animations that help students visualize the tissues and structures in the body to have a stronger understanding of how human systems work. With a focus on clinical applications from real-life physicians, students are prepared to enter graduate healthcare programs and the workforce with a strong base of knowledge.

Top Hat Intro Course for Public Speaking
Top Hat Intro Course for Public Speaking is relevant to students of all disciplines boasting a conversational writing style. With a significant focus on combating performance anxiety, students are able to learn from past mistakes and from their peers through collaborative learning activities to overcome fears of public speaking. This course is created with large class sizes in mind by using interactive video assessments and lessons.

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