Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Lead Author(s): Joseph Bamber

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Internet Marketing features live exercises, videos, software tools, and real world examples to walk the reader through each aspect of internet marketing.


Welcome to a hands on guide to internet marketing. We will cover topics such as business strategy, customer experience, website design and creation, search engines, content marketing, branding, social media, advertising, analytics, customer engagement, and various online business models.

Throughout this book will be various links to software tools, live exercises, and real world examples that help explain both the theory and practice of internet marketing. 

I'm Joseph Bamber, an MIT grad, professor of marketing at Lipscomb University, a social entrepreneur, a musician, an internet marketing consultant and the instructor for this course. 

Me (on the left) and my cofounder (on the right) at the launch of our business in Mexico.

Inbound Revolution

In 2007 I interned for HubSpot, a brand new startup with just four employees that has since gone public on the NYSE as HUBS in 2014. I was in the room when the CEO, Brian Halligan, first spoke about the idea of creating and owning the concept of "Inbound Marketing", which HubSpot has since done to great success, including books, podcasts, online certification courses, and of course their Inbound conferenceMarketers and business leaders gush about how the Inbound movement is taking over marketing, and so this book will cover some of the concepts of Inbound Marketing but with a twist towards startups and small businesses.

The Hype about Internet Marketing

Perhaps you have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information about internet marketing, or the "hype marketers" who tell you how easy it is to make millions of dollars online. Or perhaps you want to play a game like "Buzzword Bingo" with these buzzwords and phrases. (If you want to play as a class, see who can be the first to define or explain all five terms in a row, column, or diagonal) .

As you can see, there is no shortage of #buzzwords about #internetmarketing, and my goal is to give you the best guide not just on the strategy but on how to actually do internet marketing - for yourself, friends or family, a non-profit or club you are passionate about, or for an internship or job. In fact, one of the exercises in this book is a great way to help you land your dream job doing internet marketing or social media.

This book is meant to be interactive, so each chapter will have a short  discussion question to get you involved, thinking about and absorbing the content you just read. Starting... now. 

What about you?

Please share your name, major and experience with internet marketing.

What is your favorite viral video (keep it PG 13 please) and why?

What aspect of internet marketing are you most excited to learn about?

Now that you have shared your reasons for taking this class, let's talk about the goals of this class.

What is this course about?

  • Making a website and internet marketing for a company you are passionate about
  • Learning how to actually do internet marketing
  • Marketing your product or idea using tools you will learn in this class
  • Combining strategy and action
  • Teamwork and learning your strengths
  • Finding your voice as a marketer

How can this course benefit me?

  • Help you run a business, non-profit, or ministry
  • Take your own idea and launch it
  • Start an online business
  • Be an entrepreneur
  • Be a marketing consultant
  • Prepare for a career in online marketing
  • Be a valuable asset in any company

Pitch your Internet Marketing Project

I created this book as a companion guide for my courses. In my class, I make all students do a short elevator pitch about a business that needs help with their internet marketing on the first or second day of class. Then, students vote on the projects they are most excited about and break into teams to work on their preferred projects for the semester. I have seen that students learn best by doing, and I hope you have the chance to apply these concepts to a real project.

Whether or not your professor structures their class this way, I would urge you to think of at least one business that you are connected to that needs help with their internet marketing. It could be your current workplace, a family member, friend, your own startup, or just a business or non-profit that you love to support. As you go through this book, we will apply the concepts to your project so that you can help them completely revamp their internet marketing if you choose to do so.

Best of luck and Godspeed! Hope you enjoy the book.

- Joseph