Global Strategy
Global Strategy

Global Strategy

Lead Author(s): Peter Zamborsky

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Global Strategy emphasizes the impact of uncertainty on the strategies of firms operating across borders, with a context-sensitive, action-driven, design-led approach.


Praise for Global Strategy:

"This etext offers a complete and up-to-date snapshot of the field, and I particularly liked the focus on uncertainty and the imperative for rapid change and responsiveness by international businesses operating in today's dynamic global economy. It's great to see recent examples of these changes as well as relevant advances to theory incorporated here too.” 

JOANNA-SCOTT KENNEL, Associate Professor (Univesity of Waikato, New Zealand) and Adjunct Professor (Aalto University, Finland)

Student feedback:

"Interactive and engaging."

"I liked having questions that you can interact with."

"The mixture of videos and text aided my understanding."

Note: based on an anonymous student survey conducted by 75% of the survey respondents said: "My learning experience [with this text] has been better than with other textbooks."