Global Strategy
Global Strategy

Global Strategy

Lead Author(s): Peter Zamborsky

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Global Strategy emphasizes the impact of uncertainty on the strategies of firms operating across borders, with a context-sensitive, action-driven, design-led approach.


Thriving in a world of uncertainty

This textbook is built around a framework placing global strategy in the context of uncertainty. ​Each chapter contains a "Stop and think" section linked to the framework:

1. Introduction to global strategy

Stop and think: Strategy and uncertainty

2. ​Regional and global strategy

Stop and think: The types of uncertainty

3. Global strategy frameworks 

Stop and think: Recombining under uncertainty

4. Foreign market entry  

Stop and think: The types of strategic bets

5. Industry and competition   

Stop and think: Environment malleability

6. Resources and capabilities   

Stop and think: The types of strategies

7Institutions and ethics     

​Stop and think: Environment unpredictability

8. ​Organization and structure   

Stop and think: Hedging strategic bets

9. Knowledge and innovation

Stop and think: Reinventing your business

10. Alliances and collaboration  

Stop and think: Resilience and purpose

The following figure highlights how each of the textbook chapters fit within the core framework and its main elements: a context of uncertainty and globalization, strategic actions and the firm's design.

Conceptual map linking chapters to the  core Context-Actions-Design (CAD) Framework of this textbook

​In the following video, we outline three core capabilities that organizations must build if they are to thrive amid uncertainty: sensing their context, driving their market and redesigning their business.