Global Strategy
Global Strategy

Global Strategy

Lead Author(s): Peter Zamborsky

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Global Strategy emphasizes the impact of uncertainty on the strategies of firms operating across borders, with a context-sensitive, action-driven, design-led approach.

​​This interactive text offers a global perspective on strategic management. Today's world is one of constantly changing global interactions. It is imperative that firms have a strategy to succeed in this business environment, one of both uncertainty and opportunity. How should organizations build competitiveness in a world of uncertainty? What are the key global strategy frameworks and perspectives they can use? Global Strategy answers these questions with an approach emphasizing the contexts, actions and designs of businesses. It offers 10 chapters, each on a core topic in strategy, with a focus on global factors and the role of uncertainty. Some key features are:

  • Over 150 interactive questions to deepen understanding and lift engagement.
  • Over 50 mini-cases and videos linking concepts to examples and implications.
  • Over 25 exercises, real-world applications, fun facts and key terms in plain English.
  • Four in-depth cases (IKEA, Microsoft, Sony and Haier) integrated with the text.
  • Chapters matched to over 300 in-depth cases from SAGE and other publishers.
  • Over 250 free lecture slides covering all chapters, extra readings and exercises.
  • Each chapter is linked to an original framework on strategy and uncertainty.
  • Context-sensitive, action-driven, design-led approach to strategy.
  • A balanced coverage of business insight and rigorous research.
  • A bonus International Business Workbook with 100 interactive questions.

Studying strategy can be exciting and improve your global career prospects at both multinational and small to medium-sized businesses at home and abroad. Roles related to the material covered in this book include: business analyst, corporate strategist, strategic planner, business development manager, country manager and regional manager. Join the ranks of a globally savvy, strategically armed cohort that can successfully navigate the world of uncertainty!

​Here are some roles my former students now hold (or held) related to global strategy:

  • Business Analyst, Boston Consulting Group, Sydney, Australia
  • Senior Strategist, Siegel+Gale, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Consultant, Roland Berger, Shanghai, China
  • Managing Director for Asia-Pacific Marketing, Huawei, Singapore
  • Marketing Manager, Tata International, Mumbai, India
  • Portfolio Strategy Analyst, Spark, Auckland, New Zealand
  • Senior Consultant, Bain & Company, Rome, Italy
  • App Store Product Specialist, Apple, Cupertino, USA
  • Sales Representative, Hugo Boss, Toronto, Canada