Basic Conducting: Learning to Inspire Sound
Basic Conducting: Learning to Inspire Sound

Basic Conducting: Learning to Inspire Sound

Lead Author(s): MB Krueger

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This text starts from the very beginning and and addresses various techniques of conducting, with each new skill being built upon what has been learned previously.

Basic Conducting: Learning to Inspire Sound


The art of conducting has a single aim: to inspire sound.

The magic of conducting is that through a non-verbal language, a skilled conductor can communicate a detailed emotional and technical map to the ensemble, inspiring that ensemble to create a unique work of art in real time.

The harsh reality of conducting is that reaching such a lofty goal takes a great deal of time, practice, and patience, as well as an understanding of the needs of the musicians in your care. This text will guide the student of conducting through the preparatory work to becoming a skilled conductor, while detailing some of the differences in approach that might be successful with varying ensembles, particularly choirs, bands, and orchestras.

This text addresses various techniques of conducting which you will first practice individually before applying them to repertoire assigned by your teacher. Photos and videos are provided to give you some guidance outside of class; your teacher's guidance in class will help you hone your skills to the point of being able to communicate effectively as a conductor.

A Note About Videos

When viewing the videos included in this text, it is recommended that you use headphones and click the "full screen" option in the lower right corner of each video.


I would like to thank my colleagues, Dr. Brandon Matthews and Dr. David Kish, for their support in the writing of this textbook. Several students appear in photographs in Chapter 1 and Chapter 16, and I am grateful for the permission to use their images. And my sincere thanks to my husband and fellow conductor Timothy J. Krueger for his suggestions, his proofreading, and his willingness to be a model in several videos and photos throughout this textbook.