Formula 9
Formula 9

Formula 9

Lead Author(s): Elizabeth Taylor

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Formula 9 is a “tool-based” resource book that is here to help students live more consciously as the path towards mastering your life. It is grounded in practical wisdom, spiritual truths and depth psychology.

Business and Educational Leader and Media Producer 

Dr. Elizabeth's experience as a visionary business woman and an educational leader spans 20 years. Dr. Elizabeth Taylor is presently the Chair and Professor of the College of Business Administration (Female Campus) with Prince Mohammad University, Saudi Arabia from August 2014 to Present. In this role Dr. Elizabeth leads and manages all academic matters related to providing quality education to a growing population of Saudi female students; including establishing meaningful collaborations with the business community. Recently, Dr. Elizabeth lead the effort to produce a first time entrepreneurship collaboration between PMU and Saudi Aramco - a project which promises to cultivate entrepreneurial leadership among Saudi female and male students. Dr. Elizabeth's background as an academic leader is extensive. She was the Chair and Professor of the Masters in Managerial Leadership at the John F. Kennedy School of Management, San Francisco, California. Here she played the role as a visionary leader to reshape and redirect this program to keep it relevant with the changing trends in the field. She worked on an accreditation board which helped get the university awarded continued accreditation. Additionally, Dr. Elizabeth served in the following educational capacities: Professor of Interdisciplinary Learning at The Union University and Institute, San Francisco, California. (Responsibilities included providing advanced research consulting to students, faculty and administration.) Associate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Development at the California Institute for Integral Studies. (Responsibilities included curriculum development, research and instruction.) Associate Professor in Organizational Transformation, Urban Studies and Supervision at Laney Junior College, Oakland, California. (Responsibilities included curriculum development, research and instruction.) Guest Lecturer in Multicultural Studies at San Francisco State University. 
As a business leader and media producer, Dr. Elizabeth was a radio talk show host and the Executive Director of her own Not-Profit Organization. This organization provided on line learning tools and venues to a global audience of adults and young people. These included educational, motivational and personal growth programs via workshops, and internet Webinars; video productions, public speaking and consulting services. Dr. Elizabeth generated a unique body of short motivational videos that continue to reach young people around the world. As a writer, Dr. Elizabeth continues to generate materials to help inspire the young generations X and Y. Dr. Elizabeth was the Founding President and Executive Director, Regenerative Community Ventures Corporation in Oakland, California. In this role she helped local community businesses to increase sustainability through identifying reliable sources of funding for worthy sustainable projects, and sustainable job creation and personal growth. 
Dr. Elizabeth received her formal education from the University of San Francisco and the Union Institute and University with a Masters in Human Behavior and Organizational Development and Ph.D. in Leadership and Organizational Development, respectively. She is learned and practiced in Jungian psychology, depth psychology, metaphysics and classical theories of human growth and behavioral sciences and organizational development. She is an award-winning author who has written several books on personal growth and development and distributed around the globe. She is a media producer who has produced numerous motivational segments that were widely distributed. In her multiple career roles Dr. Elizabeth has consistently demonstrated competence in leadership, educating, visioning, task group organizing and facilitation, writing, speaking, research, media production and motivational work. 

Dr. Derrick Spiva

Derrick Spiva Ph.D. M.F.A. recently published “The African American Music Survey”: and “Sing Dance and Shout Through Oppression, Gospel Music workshop ” both digital fully interactive e-textbooks published through Top Hat Textbook Publishing.  Additionally, both are QOLT certified (see http:

“The Urban Playbook”, a collection of one act plays for urban youth and young adults was published in 2017; Dr. Spiva is currently a principle with, an Internet television network.

He is a Fulbright-Hayes Africana studies scholar in religion with post- doctoral seminar studies in Egypt and Israel. As an entertainment industry professional, he has performed professionally in theater and television for the past 25 years.

Derrick produced the hit series "Through Our Eyes" for PBS, and the Black Family Network for 12 seasons. He wrote and co-produced “Heresy” featured at the 1997 Reel Pride Film Festival for which he won a “Telly Award”. He co-created the “CEED” Broadcasting Internet Network. Derrick holds a Ph.D. in Theology from San Antonio Theological Seminary, a Masters of Fine Arts & Teaching Credentials from the University of California at Irvine,  and a Bachelor's in Communications and Business from California State University, Northridge. The NAACP and the United States Congress recognized him for outstanding service in educational performing arts and media (television and professional theater).