Formula 9
Formula 9

Formula 9

Lead Author(s): Elizabeth Taylor

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Formula 9 is a “tool-based” resource book that is here to help students live more consciously as the path towards mastering your life. It is grounded in practical wisdom, spiritual truths and depth psychology.

Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
  • Dedication
  • About and How to Read This Book
  • Forward – FORMULA 9
  • Millennials: Strengths, Limitations, Threats and Opportunities
  • Growing Consciousness

Chapter 1 Purpose

    •  The Purposeful Journey
    •  The Object of Your Desire
    •  The Divine Laughter and the Illusion of Control
    •  The Rule of Subjective Reality
    •  Toolbox

Chapter 2 The Alchemy of Reflection

    •  “Know Thyself”
    •  A Little ‘Pop’ Psychology
    •  The What, Why and How of Reflection
    •  Reflection and Meditation
    •  Reprogramming the Over-Externalized Mind
    •  Toolbox

Chapter 3 Locus of Control

    •  Locus of Control
    •  Locus of Control Self-Check
    •  Toolbox

Chapter 4 Optimizing Energy and Light in Your Life

    •  The Energy Principle
    •  A Light Lesson in Physics
    •  The Light of Consciousness
    •  Energy and Vibration Management (Energy Check)
    •  Toolbox

Chapter 5 Cosmic Relationships

    •  Relationships as Vehicles for Personal Evolution
    •  Family, Friends and Lovers
    •  The Energy of Relationships
    •  Karmic Relationships
    •  Maximizing Your Relationships
    •  Toolbox

Chapter 6 Kissing the Sky – Working with Universal Laws

    •  Purple Haze
    •  The Law of Free Will
    •  The Law of Abundance
    •  The Laws of Change and Evolution
    •  The Law of Vibration
    •  The Law of Manifestation
    •  The Law of Attraction
    •  The Law of Karma
    •  The Law of Detachment
    •  The Law Gratitude
    •  The of Unconditional Love
    •  The Law of Connection
    •  The Law of Divine Order

Chapter 7 The University of YOU

    •  This Sacred Journey
    •  You As the Cause
    •  False Evidence Appearing Real
    •  The Consciousness You Keep
    •  Toolbox

Chapter 8 Life on the Ground

    •  The World Matrix
    •  The Pendulum Swings Towards Balance
    •  Competencies for Our Time
    •  Toolbox

Chapter 9 Money Consciousness

    •  Money Has Its Own Rules
    •  The Financial Portrait of Millennials
    •  What’s Coming
    •  Financial Investing - Go There!
    •  Financial Futures for Millennials
    •  Toolbox