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Tips for delivering inclusive, engaging and meaningful learning experiences

  • Derek Bruff

    How to Improve Teaching and Learning with Generative AI

    Dr. Derek Bruff, acclaimed educator and faculty developer, offers options, strategies and examples for reimagining assignments in the age of AI.

  • James Lang

    Academic Integrity in the Age of AI

    James Lang, educator and author of Cheating Lessons, shares course design practices that reduce the incentive to cheat.

  • Dr. Viji Sathy & Dr. Kelly Hogan

    Inclusive Communication in the STEM Classroom

    Dr. Viji Sathy and Dr. Kelly Hogan offer concrete strategies to improve student persistence and outcomes in STEM.

  • Michelle Miller

    Learning at the Intersection of Cognition, Motivation and Technology

    Dr. Michelle Miller, acclaimed educator, offers strategies on making the most of ed tech based on how the mind works.

  • José Antonio Bowen

    From Syllabus to Assessment: Strategies for the New Semester

    José Antonio Bowen shares ideas to help you create a welcoming, inclusive and engaging course.

  • Dr. Adam Sáenz

    Changing Student Lives Through the Power of Connection

    Adam Sáenz highlights strategies that will make a life-changing impact on your students.

  • Saundra McGuire

    Teaching STEM Students How to Learn

    Saundra McGuire presents concrete strategies to fuel academic success for all STEM students.

  • Dr. Barbara Oakley

    Engaging Students: Insights from Neuroscience and the Big Screen

    Dr. Barbara Oakley shares strategies to engage students using insights from movie-making and neuroscience.

  • Jesse Stommel

    From Grades to Growth: Ungrading and Alternative Assessments

    Jesse Stommel explores unique approaches to assessments that are designed to motivate all students.

  • José Antonio Bowen

    Inclusive Teaching: Reaching More Students

    A leader of change and innovation in higher ed for 35 years, José Antonio Bowen highlights inclusive teaching strategies you can put into action to ensure every student thrives.

  • Dr. Christopher Emdin

    Transform Learning: Embracing Vulnerability and Authenticity

    Best-selling author and social justice champion Dr. Christopher Emdin highlights the tangible ways we can spark moments of discovery and insight in all students by bringing our authentic selves to the classroom.

  • Dr. Pooja Agarwal

    Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning

    Cognitive scientist Dr. Pooja Agarwal will help reshape learning in your classroom with evidence-based teaching strategies designed to enhance engagement and belonging for your students.

  • James Lang

    Teaching Distracted Minds: Old Challenges, New Contexts

    Celebrated author and lecturer James Lang highlights activities to help you capture and sustain student attention in any classroom.

  • Dr. Viji Sathy & Dr. Kelly Hogan

    Inclusive Teaching: Empowering All Students to Thrive

    Dr. Sathy and Dr. Hogan address inequities in the classroom and offer tips to help all students feel included.

  • Stephanie Dillon

    Breaking the Mold: Transforming Student Retention and Success in Chemistry

    Learn how one professor is dramatically reducing DFW rates in her general chemistry course while upping the ante on student engagement.

  • Naomi Latini Wolfe

    Social Problems & Silver Linings: Tackling Sensitive Subjects

    Author and sociologist Naomi Latini Wolfe discusses how to facilitate difficult discussions to help students thrive.

  • Jeffrey Klausman

    Composing a College Career: Setting the Table for Student Success

    Dr. Jeffrey Klausman speaks on how to help students identify and personalize strategies to maximize their success in college.

  • Robert Brym & Mellisa Holtzman

    Unanswered Questions, Active Minds: The Power of ‘Doing’ in Introductory Sociology

    The authors of Sociology: Thinking Beyond the Book explore ways to deepen engagement in introductory sociology. Watch today!