Introduction to Microeconomics

Alexander Gainer

Economics will give you the tools to help you make better decisions in life and give you a fresh perspective of the world.

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Introduction to Microeconomics cover photo

Table of Contents for Introduction to Microeconomics

  • Introduction to Microeconomics
  • Chapter 1: The Big Ideas of Economics
  • Chapter 2: How to Think Like an Economist
  • Chapter 3: Gains from Trade and Comparative Advantage
  • Chapter 4 : Supply and Demand
  • Chapter 5: Equilibrium: Where Supply Meets Demand
  • Chapter 6 :Elasticity
  • Chapter 7 : Price Controls and Taxes
  • Chapter 8: Consumer and Producer Surplus
  • Chapter 9: Taxes
  • Chapter 10: Trade
  • Chapter 11 : Externalities
  • Chapter 12: Public Goods and Common Resources
  • Chapter 13- Understanding costs and business behaviours

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