Statistics for Social Science

Stephen Hayward

Statistics for Social Science takes a fresh approach to the introductory class. With learning check questions, embedded videos and interactive simulations, students engage in active learning as they read. An emphasis on real-world and academic applications help ground the concepts presented. Designed for students taking an introductory statistics course in psychology, sociology or any other social science discipline.

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Statistics for Social Science cover photo

Table of Contents for Statistics for Social Science

  • Module 1: Introduction to Statistics
  • Module 2: Descriptive Statistics
  • Module 3: Introduction to Probability
  • Module 4: Discrete Probability Distributions
  • Module 5: Normal Probability Distributions
  • Module 6: The Standard Normal Distribution
  • Module 7: Confidence Intervals
  • Module 8: Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
  • Module 9: Single-Sample Hypothesis Testing
  • Module 10: Two-Sample Hypothesis Testing
  • Module 11: ANOVA and the F-distribution
  • Module 12: Chi-Square Tests
  • Module 13: Correlation and Regression
  • Appendix I: Two-Way Non-Parametric Tests

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