Pharmacy Calculations, 6e

Mary F. Powers, David R. Bright

This book provides pharmacy technician students with the tools necessary to learn the types of calculations commonly encountered in community and institutional pharmacy. Carefully worded explanations and many examples guide students through the knowledge areas tested on the two national certification exams (PTCE and ExCPT).

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Pharmacy Calculations, 6e cover photo

Table of Contents for Pharmacy Calculations, 6e

  • Chapter 1: Numeral Systems Used in Pharmacy
  • Chapter 2: Numerators, Denominators, and Reciprocals of Fractions
  • Chapter 3: Adding and Subtracting Fractions
  • Chapter 4: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
  • Chapter 5: Rounding Decimals
  • Chapter 6: Using Ratio and Proportion or Dimensional Analysis to Solve Pharmacy Calculations
  • Chapter 7: Percents, Ratios to Percents, and Ratios to Decimals
  • Chapter 8: Interpreting Prescriptions and Converting Household and Metric Measurements
  • Chapter 9: Converting Apothecary and Metric Measurements
  • Chapter 10: Converting Between the Different Temperature Scales and Calculations with Density and Specific Gravity
  • Chapter 11: Calculations for Compounding
  • Chapter 12: Calculations for Days Supply
  • Chapter 13: Calculations for Days Supply of Insulin
  • Chapter 14: Adjusting Refills for Short-filled Prescriptions

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