Organic Chemistry I & II

Steven Forsey

Top Hat Intro Course - Organic Chemistry I & II is designed for instructors who want an active, dynamic, and understandable approach to support their own efforts in the classroom. This ever-evolving textbook includes auto-graded questions, videos and approachable language in order to make difficult concepts easier to understand and implement.

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Organic Chemistry I & II cover photo

Table of Contents for Organic Chemistry I & II

  • Module 1: Structure & Bonding
  • Module 2: Nomenclature
  • Module 3: Chemical Reactivity and Mechanisms
  • Module 4: Acids and Bases
  • Module 5: Conformations of Acyclic Alkanes and Cyclohexanes
  • Module 6: Stereochemistry
  • Module 7: Substitution Reactions (SN2 and SN1)
  • Module 8: Elimination Reactions
  • Module 9: Substitution–Elimination: Discerning the Differences
  • Module 10: Alkenes
  • Module 11: Alkynes
  • Module 12: Alcohols and Thiols
  • Module 13: Ethers, Oxiranes and Sulfides
  • Module 14: Infra-red Spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry

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Key features

  • 3D molecular models help students understand and conceptualize chemical reactions
  • Embedded problem-solving videos show the entire reaction mechanism, making it easy for students to comprehend large scale reactions
  • "Keeping it real" sections produced by renowned UCLA educator Dr. Neil Garg help students connect concepts to the wider world, including potential career paths