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Table of Contents for General Chemistry

  • Student Resources
  • Module 1: The Basics of Chemistry
  • Module 2: Matter at the Atomic Level
  • Module 3: Molecules, Compounds, and Their Composition
  • Module 4: Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry
  • Module 5: Thermochemistry
  • Module 6: Early Experiments in Quantum Theory
  • Module 7: Quantum Theory, Atomic Structure, and Periodicity
  • Module 8: Representing Valence Electrons: Lewis Structures of Atoms, Ions, and Molecules
  • Module 9: Theories of Chemical Structure and Bonding
  • Module 10: Gases
  • Module 11: Liquids, Solids, and Intermolecular Forces
  • Module 12: Solutions
  • Module 13: Chemical Kinetics

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Key features

  • Comprehensive math supplement provides a walkthrough of the fundamentals, including topics such as algebra, graphing, scientific notation and significant figures
  • Case studies connect abstract concepts to real world scenarios
  • Full solutions to every questions, as well as step-by-step problem solving videos give students more opportunities to practice and sharpen their knowledge