Atoms First General Chemistry

Greg Domski

By employing a student-centered writing style, this textbook aims to help students understand atoms, ions, and molecules concepts before they encounter more challenging and complex material. Offering plenty of visuals, instructional and step-by-step problem-solving videos, interactive simulations and built-in assessment questions, the text is developed with active learning principles that foster better student engagement. This most recent revision includes a math supplement, a revised thermochemistry chapter, a new organic chemistry chapter and accessibility improvements to ensure all students have the best learning experience possible.

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Table of Contents for Atoms First General Chemistry

  • Preliminaries
  • Module 1: Matter and Energy
  • Module 2: Atoms, Ions, and Molecules
  • Module 3: Electronic Structure of the Atom
  • Module 4: Basic Chemical Bonding
  • Module 5: Chemical Bonding Theories
  • Module 6: Gases
  • Module 7: Liquids, Solids, and Intermolecular Forces
  • Module 8: Solutions
  • Module 9: Stoichiometry
  • Module 10: Reactions in Aqueous Solution
  • Module 11: Thermochemistry
  • Module 12: Chemical Kinetics
  • Module 13: Chemical Equilibrium

Key features

  • Embedded problems help students stay engaged by identifying common mistakes as they make them
  • Step-by-step problem solving videos engage students and give them more opportunities to practice and sharpen their knowledge
  • Phet Simulations provide visual engagement and provide a hands on way to test knowledge