Ecology for the 21st Century

Orianna Carter

A global approach to introductory ecology for nonmajors and featuring many ecological issues within the United States. Also suitable for an ecology course designed for environmental science majors or public health policy. Can be easily converted for use in online courses with interactive activities.

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Ecology for the 21st Century cover photo

Table of Contents for Ecology for the 21st Century

  • 2nd Ed BIOS 2750 Ecology for 21st Century
  • Unit Questions
  • Assignments
  • #1 HHMI Biome Viewer
  • #2. Dr. Hadley's Climate Tracker
  • #3. The Rock Pocket Mouse
  • #4. Aquifer Depletion Case Study
  • #5. Birth & Death of Genes
  • #6. Gorongosa Biome Project
  • #7 Population Modeling Midterm Project
  • #8 African Elephant Census
  • #9. Orca Whale Ecotypes Extra Credit
  • #10. Dead Zone Final Project

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