Behavioral Genetics to Evolution

Barry Sinervo. Professor of Ecology and Evolution, University of California - Santa Cruz

Behavioral Genetics to Evolution explores the foundations of Behavioral Ecology up to the present day. The book covers Genetic, Genomic, Neuroendocrine, Ecological and Evolutionary aspects of Behavioral Ecology with a set of classic studies, as well as new cutting-edge and innovative studies. The examples are threaded together with a game theory perspective that the author has adopted during his research career. This thread provides new directions for empirical and theoretical work.

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Table of Contents for Behavioral Genetics to Evolution

  • Textbook
  • Study Qs by Chapter
  • Study Qs Ch01 History and Method
  • Study Qs Ch02 Genetics
  • Study Qs CH03 Selection
  • Study Qs Ch04 Levels of Selection
  • Study Qs Ch05 Speciation
  • Study Qs Ch06 Optimal Foraging
  • Study Qs Ch07 Ecology (of Optimal Foraging)
  • Study Qs Ch08 Games Animals Play
  • Study Qs Ch09 Alternative Reproductive Strategies
  • Study Qs Ch10 Mate Choice
  • Study Q's Ch11 Conflict and Cooperation
  • Study Qs Ch12 Disperal and Migration