A Photographic Atlas of Developmental Biology

Shirley J. Wright

This full-color atlas is designed for all students taking courses in developmental biology, embryology, animal development, and similarly themed courses. It can accompany and augment any developmental biology textbook, and in some courses could serve as the laboratory manual.

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A Photographic Atlas of Developmental Biology cover photo


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Table of Contents for A Photographic Atlas of Developmental Biology

  • Front Matter
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Microscopy
  • Chapter 3: Spermatogenesis
  • Chapter 4: Oogenesis
  • Chapter 5: Fertilization
  • Chapter 6: Cleavage
  • Chapter 7: Gastrulation
  • Chapter 8: Neurulation
  • Chapter 9: Organogenesis
  • Chapter 10: Amphibian Organogenesis
  • Chapter 11: Avian Organogenesis
  • Chapter 12: Porcine Organogenesis
  • Chapter 13: Human Organogenesis

Key features

  • Provides a clear, detailed synopsis of the anatomical structures of developmental model organisms, enabling students to reach a deeper understanding of development.
  • Structures in this atlas are referred to by multiple terms so students who consult the references can easily adapt this information.
  • Staging tables are included in the appendix to give students a more complete view of the timing of development