Exploring Music

Kathleen Melago

Geared toward Music 101 classes, this e-book integrates other arts, key moments in the history of the wind band, and basic historical details with typical content one would expect in a Music 101 text. Depth of content is geared toward helpful information for an educated citizen, not preparation to be a contestant on Jeopardy. Special features include ties to students’ majors in most chapters and 17 chapters, including Activism in Music, Film Music, and Introduction to World Music.

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Table of Contents for Exploring Music

  • Melago - Exploring Music Textbook
  • Melago Exploring Music Tests
  • Test #1 (Chapters 1-4)
  • Test #2 (Chapters 5-8)
  • Test #3 (Chapters 9-12)
  • Test #4 (Chapters 13-14)
  • Test #5 (Chapters 15-17)