The Evolving Essay

Sean Morey

The Evolving Essay by Sean Morey reimagines the way students will interact with their composition textbook, saving instructors critical time and effort in both designing their courses and assessing their students. The text will help students develop rhetorically sound, research-based approaches to writing for particular audiences while also illuminating how composition is evolving in academic, professional, and everyday writing situations. The Evolving Essay moves students through traditional essay writing processes to reimagine their work for different genres such as photo essays, podcast scripts, and PSAs. The detailed instruction empowers innovation from students and faculty alike, showcasing comprehensive writing prompts, in-chapter reflections, and auto-graded, application-based assessments that ensure student engagement. Rich with visual elements and samples that model analysis, rhetorical moves, and genre-specific affordances and constraints, this text delivers on multimodal instruction in a multimodal format.

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Table of Contents for The Evolving Essay

  • Preliminaries
  • Chapter 1: Writing Evolves
  • Chapter 2: Developing Rhetorical Awareness
  • Chapter 3: Analyzing Texts
  • Chapter 4: Evaluating Research
  • Chapter 5: Building an Argument
  • Chapter 6: Developing and Revising an Essay
  • Chapter 7: Adapting for Images
  • Chapter 8: Adapting for Sound
  • Chapter 9: Adapting for Video
  • Accessible Alternative Content
  • Video Transcripts

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