The Bare Essentials, 10th Edition

Sarah Norton, Brian Green, and Greg Holditch

The key to effective writing instruction is plenty of practice and immediate feedback. The class-tested and proven instructional approach of The Bare Essentials, combined with rich online grammar practice, will allow instructors to offer more personalized support to struggling writers without overwhelming them with grading. Known for clear explanations, a multitude of practice opportunities, and a strong instructor support package, The Bare Essentials has for over 30 years been the preferred choice for students and instructors who need coverage of grammar and sentence and paragraph writing skills. In the latest edition, new co-author Gregory Holditch has updated many of the examples in the text and moved the work towards a more flexible format that will provide a number of options for teaching and learning. The foundational core concept pieces - grammar rules and essentials of English writing skills - continue to be provided and the workbook exercises have now been fully re-integrated into the core textbook.

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The Bare Essentials, 10th Edition cover photo

Table of Contents for The Bare Essentials, 10th Edition

  • Front Matter
  • Three Learning Tools
  • Unit 1: Words
  • Unit 2: Sentences
  • Unit 3: Grammar
  • Unit 4: Punctuation
  • Unit 5: Paragraphs and Essays
  • Unit 6: For EAL Learners: A Review of the Basics
  • Unit 7: Readings
  • Appendixes
  • Instructor Resources
  • Slides Backup
  • Slide Decks for Update

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