The Carolina Rhetoric

Edited by Nicole Fisk and Ian Campbell

The Carolina Rhetoric is the University of South Carolina publication for our ENGL 102: Rhetoric and Composition course, which is the second part of our freshman composition sequence. It is designed to assist students with learning outcomes that include identifying and analyzing arguments using rhetorical concepts; synthesizing sources from research via summary, paraphrase, and quotation; composing effective research projects for various audiences through multimodal genres; and reflecting critically on their own writing processes and academic goals, as well as their experiences as researchers and writers. This carefully curated collection allows instructors and students to move through the composing process while fostering rhetorical sensitivities to audience and genre, in particular. As a bonus, The Carolina Rhetoric includes the grammar handbook, Signs, which guides students through responsible research practices that will carry forward from English 102 and assist throughout their university careers.

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Table of Contents for The Carolina Rhetoric

  • Introduction–Rhetoric and Composition
  • Unit 1 — Knowledge Inventory
  • Unit 2 — Academic Research
  • Unit 3 — Multimodal Composition
  • Unit 4 — Genres
  • Signs Grammar Handbook