AI in Focus: A Classroom Discussion

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Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is consuming a growing share of our collective consciousness – and many students are anxious about what this technology will mean for their future. Survey research from Best Colleges indicates a strong desire among students to explore the potential impact of AI on education, choice of major and the world of work. This interactive module provides content, speaking notes and a variety of interactive questions to help educators host a meaningful classroom discussion. Areas of exploration include: General student perceptions of AI What worries or interests students most about AI Their goals and aspirations for pursuing a college degree Fostering resilience in the face of disruption This course discussion is designed to help students share concerns, hear the perspectives of their peers and reflect on what it means to be prepared for a changeable future. As always, this module can be easily added to an existing course and customized to align to the interests of your students and your respective discipline.

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