What is


Hyperfixation is the immense focus on one person, activity or object and excluding or ignoring everything else. Hyperfixation involves complete dedication and absorption on a single task, where anything beyond that task is ‘tuned out.’ Characteristics of hyperfixation include: an intense state of concentration, overlooking anything unrelated to the area of focus and improved task performance. For neurodivergent students, hyperfixation may be described as hyper-focused—whereby students are completely engaged or ‘in the zone.’

Hyperfixation involves dedicating one’s time and attention to a single task or activity. Those in a state of hyperfixation may easily lose track of time, not hear others talking around them, and go about their day without recognizing surrounding sights or sounds. People with ADHD or those on the Autism spectrum are more likely to experience hyperfixation relative to neurotypical people. An extreme example of hyperfixation involves becoming so engrossed in a video game that you may forget to eat and are unable to stop playing until you complete a particular level.