What is

Hard Skills

Hard skills describe the technical skillset required to perform a task. Hard skills can be measured and are typically acquired through formal education and training. Unlike soft skills, hard skills refer to practical, tangible abilities versus personality traits. Employers value both hard skills and soft skills when hiring candidates. Students completing a co-op placement may also be asked to complete a qualification test to validate their hard skills such as financial literacy.

Hard skills refer to acquired and learned skills that are used to complete a technical job or academic task. Hard skills are generally listed in job descriptions for most open roles. Examples of hard skills include: the ability to interpret financial statements, preparing a search engine optimization (SEO) plan and using graphic design software to create a logo for a client. Hard skills can often be learned on the job or through hands-on learning experiences in the classroom. In order to be successful in today‚Äôs job market, students must bring  both hard and soft skills to the table.