What is


E-Text, or electronic textbook, are digital textbooks that students can access from their own devices. E-Texts may be rented for a semester or purchased for lifetime access. E-Texts are typically accessible via a third-party platform through which digital textbooks are hosted. Open-source textbooks are one type of e-Text that are free of charge and let educators modify chapters by embedding media, case studies and new research. E-Texts may help eliminate accessibility barriers by allowing visually impaired students to learn from high-contrast displays or use a text-to-speech tool to digest the material.

E-text refers to an online textbook that lets students absorb course material through passages of text, interactive activities, simulations and problem sets. While e-Texts are typically cheaper than print textbooks, their functionality and quality aren’t up to par with Top Hat’s dynamic courseware. Top Hat’s dynamic e-Texts empower educators to create personalized, representative and engaging course readings. Faculty can author their own e-Text and regularly update interactive chapters to keep material up-to-date. Alternatively, Top Hat’s Catalog boasts hundreds of interactive textbooks per discipline that can be customized to fit the needs of any course.