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Back to Campus Toolkit

It’s almost time to welcome new students to your course. More than ever, they’ll be looking for an engaging classroom where they feel they belong. We’re here to help you teach in the moment.

Enjoy our free Back to Campus Toolkit, packed with everything you need to create an engaging and memorable course. You’ll get 50+ icebreaker activities, a syllabus template, strategies to foster inclusion and much more.

Course Prep

Build a Dynamic Course From Day One

Reduce the stress that comes with course planning. Use our syllabus template, course planning template and guides to ensure your students thrive from the start of the first class.

Week 1 Moments

Give Every Student a Voice

Make connection and engagement the foundations of your course. These icebreaker questions, tips on making a great first impression and instructional do’s and don’ts will help ensure a smooth return to campus.

Back to School

Thought Starters From Your Peers

Five educators reflect on what they're most excited about in advance of the new semester. From rethinking assessments to interacting with students in person, here's what they had to say.

Making the Semester

Rewrite Student Success

Give students the flexibility they want. Our collection of student engagement strategies, assessment examples and tips for delivering compelling course content will help make you the tipping point in their success.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Be an Ally to Your Students

Create a classroom community that values every voice. We offer resources to promote student retention, belonging and equity in learning by leveling the playing field for all.

top hat updates

See How To Make the Most of the Latest Top Hat Features

Content Search for Students

Students will soon be able to search for keywords within assigned course content, helping them locate information more efficiently.

Mobile App Enhancements

Push notifications, dark mode, and other exciting enhancements provide students with a more flexible and accessible mobile experience.

LTI 1.3 LMS Integration

It’s now even easier for faculty and students to navigate to Top Hat from their learning management system, while keeping rosters and grades in sync.

Content Tree Enhancements

Visual and functional improvements help both educators and students navigate content with greater ease and efficiency.

Assessment Space

Purpose-built for assessment creation, this new time-saving tool allows educators to create and manage exams and quizzes with ease.

In-App Content Updates

Be notified when new author-created content is available for the interactive textbook you’re using and accept changes with just a few clicks.