What is

Virtual learning environment

A virtual learning environment is an online-based platform that offers students and professors digital solutions that enhance the learning experience. Unlike a virtual classroom, which is meant to replicate and replace the physical classroom environment for distance learners, a virtual learning environment (or VLE) harnesses technology to supplement an in-class experience, with, for example, digital communication, interaction and quizzes or polls run through the VLE.

A virtual learning environment refers to a system that offers educators digitally-based solutions aimed at creating interactive, active learning environments. VLEs can help professors create, store and disseminate content, plan courses and lessons and foster communication between student and professor (in the form of e-mails and discussions), even in real-time. Virtual learning environments are often part of a higher education institution’s wider learning management system (LMS).

What does VLE stand for?

VLE stands for virtual learning environment.