What is

Think Aloud

Think-alouds are strategies that educators employ to help students monitor their thinking while reading. As a result, students improve their comprehension, confidence, and reading abilities. In essence, this practice encourages pupils to derive meaning from a text by using context clues and thinking out loud. With this strategy, the reading process is slowed, giving students the opportunity to delve deeper into their interpretations. 

The overall purpose of the think-aloud method is to motivate pupils to ask questions as they read. With the proper techniques, kids should be asking themselves what they learned, what the significance of the topic was, and how the information gleaned can apply to their life. Think-aloud strategies give students permission to provide more insight into their thoughts and ideas. Permitting this level of creativity bodes well for active, engaged, and enthusiastic learning. For optimal results, this model works best when performed in small groups or individually.