What is a

Teaching Assistant

A teaching assistant (TA) is typically a graduate student who assists a professor with instructional responsibilities. A TA often assists the professor with creating and delivering learning materials in a course. TAs may help develop assignments, quizzes and exams to meet a course’s objectives. Lecturing and tutoring are a big part of a TA’s responsibilities. Where professors typically lecture to an entire class section, TAs generally lecture to smaller groups of twenty or fewer in tutorial settings. A TA’s office hours are for meeting with students outside of class and answering any questions about the course or assessments. 

A teaching assistant refers to an individual who assists a professor in developing, delivering and often grading course material. TAs are typically master’s or PhD students and generally administer smaller, supplemental classes to review the content that was covered in lecture. Sample responsibilities include attending course meetings, holding office hours, conducting tutorials or labs, marking tests and managing course grades.