What is

Pedagogical Skills

Pedagogical skills are an educator’s ability to plan and deliver a well-rounded curriculum to their students. Faculty who display pedagogical skills are able to effectively plan, initiate and develop lesson plans that engage students. The benefits of pedagogical skills include: a) improving the quality of education by way of using frameworks such as Universal Design for Learning (UDL), b) fostering collaboration through group activities and experimental lessons and c) sharpening soft skills by moving students away from memorization and instead posing questions like, “How might you use this concept in a real-life situation?”

Pedagogical skills refer to a professor’s capacity to provide personalized instruction to students in the classroom. Examples of pedagogical skills include: a) communication when crafting updates about students’ progress, b) adaptability when looking to accommodate struggling students or those with disabilities and c) inclusivity when incorporating culturally-responsive lessons. Educators continually build upon their pedagogical skills by attending professional conferences when pedagogical knowledge is often shared. Faculty may also improve pedagogical skills by referring to their student evaluations to determine how to adapt their future lessons to better meet student needs.