What is a

Flipped Classroom

A flipped classroom is one that focuses on developing student understanding in class rather than via lectures. Here, the traditional model of a classroom is revised, with homework completed in a classroom and lectures viewed at home. The purpose of flipping a classroom is to ensure that students have a deeper learning experience when instructors guide them through the material. Higher-order thinking skills are emphasized as well as application skills, rather than just comprehension. 

A flipped classroom refers to inverting the traditional educational model. In a flipped classroom, students view lessons at home and master the material at school in collaboration with their peers or instructor. The benefits of this model include giving students more control over their education, promoting student-centered learning and collaboration and offering access to lessons at home. Drawbacks of this model include the creation of a digital divide, reliance on student preparation and trust and increased time spent in front of screens versus people or places.