What is

Dynamic Textbook

Dynamic textbooks are interactive, electronic textbooks that have been purpose-built to give students an engaging, personalized and up-to-date learning experience. Dynamic textbooks aren’t necessarily synonymous with digital textbooks or interactive textbooks. Dynamic textbooks allow professors to customize their material to match the needs of their course and students. Practically speaking, this may involve removing multimedia or chapters that aren’t relevant to students today, and swapping in relevant news stories and case studies that are more relatable.

Dynamic textbooks refer to digital courseware that can be customized to meet the needs of today’s students. Dynamic textbooks often incorporate polls, discussions, videos and case studies to engage students outside of class. The emphasis on application and real-world examples also helps students prepare for the workforce. Some dynamic textbook platforms such as Top Hat also offer in-app content updates, which alert users when chapter updates become available. This means that students will always be learning from the most relevant and personal topics in any discipline. All dynamic textbooks can be accessed from laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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