What is

Digital Textbook

A digital textbook is an electronic version of a printed textbook. Digital textbooks are used in college as a supplement to lectures, labs and tutorials. These textbooks often incorporate the conventional features found within traditional texts such as end-of-chapter summaries. Digital textbooks may or may not offer additional audio or video resources to help readers apply their understanding of the material.

A digital textbook refers to an ebook that is used for educational purposes in academia. Digital textbooks have been around since the 1990s, however they gained widespread popularity during the 2010s and especially 2020s. Digital textbooks may be offered through an educational technology platform or as a static PDF. They may be accessed from most laptops, tablets and smartphones. Depending on the text, some digital textbooks are copies of printed textbooks. Others may offer engaging features such as search functionality within chapters. Many open-source textbooks are considered to be digital. Most digital textbooks do not offer the same functionality compared to interactive textbooks or dynamic textbooks.

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