What is

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Often abbreviated as SoTL, the scholarship of teaching and learning is a growing discipline that studies the relationship between educational practices and the student learning process. By making inquiries into student learning, SoTL hopes to enhance the learning experience by tweaking the framework of education. These findings are then shared and reviewed through publications and presentations so that further developments can take place. Through a series of techniques, SoTL aims to improve educational quality. 

Some scholarship of teaching and learning practices include classroom evaluations, peer reviews, and faculty development efforts. With these initiatives, the scholarship of teaching and learning effectively investigates questions related to how students learn, why they want to learn, and how educators can help maintain this thirst for knowledge. Reflection, content analysis, research, interviews, surveys, and focus groups are critical components of the scholarship of teaching and learning, and it’s these elements that allow practitioners to determine areas for improvement in student learning.