What is

Open Curriculum

Open curriculum enables students to develop their own programs of study in collaboration with a faculty advisor. Unlike traditional programs with rigid course requirements, students do not have to commit to a major when entering their field of study. An open curriculum allows students to self-design an academic program with all credits earned carrying equal weight. For example, a mathematics student completing an open curriculum may not be required to enroll in a minimum of three semesters of math courses.

Open curriculum refers to a type of postsecondary program in which students are given more flexibility in the courses they take, the speed in which they complete their classes, and the order in which they are taken. Brown University is well known for its Open Curriculum, where students may graduate after demonstrating fluency in English, completed a concentration area and taken 30 courses of their choosing. Open curriculum grants students more freedom of choice to enroll in courses that match their interests and allow them to obtain a broad liberal arts or STEM education.