What is a

Minor Degree

An academic minor degree is a university or college student’s secondary declared academic discipline or field of study for their undergraduate degree. Similar to a major degree, an academic institution will typically lay out a framework of required courses or a broader explanation of the types of courses a student is required to complete to earn their selected minor—although the amount of choice the student is given varies between institutions. Minor and major degrees differ in that the former is subordinate to the latter. To earn a minor degree, around three years of study in a selected subject is the usual requirement.

Minor degree refers to a supplemental second discipline of study and concentration that often complements the major. Some students use a minor degree to pursue personal interests, while other students may pursue a minor to gain specific specialization and make themselves more attractive to employers. It is not infrequent for a physics major to minor in computer science, or an engineering or economics student to minor in mathematics. Students intending to become secondary education teachers often pursue a major degree in their teaching subject area and a minor degree in education.