What is

Interdisciplinary teaching

Interdisciplinary teaching is a method of educational instruction whereby a student learns about a single topic or issue from a variety of different viewpoints. For example, if a student is learning about tourism in the United States in an interdisciplinary way, they may learn about the revenue generated from tourism in an economics class, the most popular tourist sites in a geography class, historical tourism trends in a history course and effective advertising strategies for tourism agencies in a marketing class.

Interdisciplinary teaching refers to the concept of learning a single subject from multiple perspectives. Proven to boost learning outcomes and enthusiasm around learning, interdisciplinary teaching allows students to think critically, identify their own prejudices, accept the unknown and respect ethical quandaries. It also enables students to understand insights from different disciplines, synthesize information surrounding a topic and, ultimately, offers a more complete understanding of an issue. Interdisciplinary teaching goes beyond multi-disciplinary or cross-disciplinary teaching, which only requires the consideration of different perspectives, and often requires collaboration between multiple educators to properly execute.