What is an


An extracurricular is any activity that doesn’t count towards an academic credit. These are activities that students participate in outside of class, such as activities in the arts, athletics, personal commitments and so on. Extracurriculars come in handy when applying for postsecondary education, since universities and colleges look to see if students have developed leadership skills and have become more involved in their communities. They can also provide students with skills that can be applied to most workplaces, including collaboration or critical thinking skills.

An extracurricular is a set of activities that students are productively involved with outside of the classroom. When choosing an extracurricular activity to participate in, it’s important to consider depth over breadth—commit to activities that you are passionate about and interested in rather than being a part of any and every club. Your personal interests and abilities should also be considered and it’s important to seek a balance—too many extracurriculars may lead to rapid burnout.