What is

Equitable Pedagogy

Equitable pedagogy is a teaching approach that involves personalizing instruction to meet the diverse needs of students. Educators who support equitable pedagogy create an inclusive and positive class climate where students are given the tailored support they need to thrive. Equitable pedagogy rejects a one-size-fits-all approach to instruction as all students arrive to class with varying levels of preparedness.

Equitable pedagogy refers to a teaching method where faculty respond to the socio-cultural dynamics that shape the learning experience. Equitable pedagogy involves offering needs-based support to all students to remove barriers that prevent them from succeeding. In turn, embracing this pedagogy is essential for educators looking to help students from all races and abilities succeed. Instructors may take small steps towards equitable pedagogy by addressing one’s implicit biases, offering flexible assessment options and deadlines and seeking fair ways for all students to meaningfully contribute to class discussions.