What is

Course Management System

A course management system is a platform of educational software in postsecondary education allowing instructors and institutions to manage a variety of courses with a large number of students and multiple instructional materials. Course management systems, such as Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn (D2L) and Moodle, provide a single online environment for teaching and learning materials to be shared between instructors and students. 

Course management systems refer to virtual learning environments that are categorized based on pedagogical tools such as content creation, communication, administration and assessment. Content creation tools enable instructors to upload course materials and assignments for students, whereas communication tools allow course announcements, emails, discussion boards and groups to be created. Administrative tools are to be used by instructors and include the functionality to remove or add users to a course, manage pages and files and make content visible to users. Assessment tools help instructors track student activity, create exams and surveys and manage grades via a gradebook.