What is

Course Evaluation

A course evaluation is a short survey conducted by an educator at the end of a class or course of study. The evaluation form aims to collect general information on what each student liked and disliked most about the class with the goal of improving the educational experience for future students. Some evaluation forms use a number or letter system to grade various aspects of the educational material, the educator’s style of teaching, the learning environment and the classroom facilities. Most forms also have a space for open-ended student comments. Course evaluation forms are usually optional and are almost always anonymously submitted for the protection and privacy of each student.

Course evaluation forms may be created by an individual educator or may be standardized across a department or an entire educational institution. The format of the evaluation almost always conforms to the type of instruction that is being offered. For example, online forms are usually provided for web-based courses while paper copies are generally handed out during the final class for in-person coursework.