What is

Connected Learning

Connected learning is a learning technique where students, instructors and advisors actively participate with one another to connect courses and resources. Connected learning is meant to create personalized learning pathways for students. This type of learning connects academics to personal interests, learners to mentors and educational goals to higher order learning skills. 

Connected learning refers to the ability to link learning and interest to academic achievement, career success or societal engagement. The six design principles of connected learning are: a) interest-powered, where personal interests motivate students to gain knowledge, b) production-centered, where emphasis is placed on actively producing, creating and experimenting and c) peer supported, which relies on ongoing recognition and feedback among peers. Next, is d) shared purpose, where digital tools such as social media allow for adults and learners to share their interests, e) academically-oriented, which emphasizes academic success for intellectual growth and finally, f) openly-networked, where learning environments are linked between school, home and in larger communities.