What are

Classroom Assessment Techniques

Classroom assessment techniques are used to gauge student progress. However, assessment is also a tool for teacher reflection. It provides critical feedback about each student’s learning. Teachers can use these techniques both as a tool to help their students achieve more and as a means of understanding the gaps in their own teaching styles. Without assessments, it is impossible to know how things are going in the classroom. Assessment often gets a bad name, but it is an essential part of the overall classroom atmosphere. Assessments should be used frequently, and they should be diversely applied in order to create an accurate and dynamic snapshot of how each student is learning in the classroom setting.

Classroom assessment techniques refer to a wide range of activities. In some cases, these assessments can be formal written tests. However, group projects, personal presentations, classroom discussions, written essays and other daily work can be used as critical assessment tools. The key is that the assessment provides insight into each student’s knowledge and skill. For the best results, the assessments should be explicitly tied to the learning goals. To evaluate assessments, carefully balanced rubrics should be made and employed.