What is

Accelerated Learning

Accelerated learning is a learning format that allows students to complete courses in a shorter period of time compared to a traditional semester. Accelerated learning is a multi-dimensional approach to learning where students can control the speed and method in which they are instructed. Accelerated learning requires collaboration to speed up the learning process and also involves students immersing themselves in the work itself to learn in context: for example, film students will better understand the fundamentals of the subject by creating their own films rather than writing a paper on some aspect of film.

Accelerated learning refers to a mode of learning popularized due to rising trends like shorter degree programs and the increased complexity and rapid change students encounter in their  working and personal lives. This type of learning challenges traditional academic structures, influencing everything from instructional content and the number of hours spent teaching to the need for faculty tenure, due to the fact that many accelerated programs rely on adjunct faculty applying more standardized curriculum.